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Seiko Series Solvent Printer The Classic SK-3278S / SK-3208S

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  • SK-3278S / SK-3208S
  • SinoColor
  • 3.2 m MAX
  • SPT510-50PL
  • C M Y K
  • 157 sqm/h (2 Pass, 8 heads) MAX
  • 720 dpi MAX

Product Description

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Seiko is a big name in inkjet industry, the Seiko SPT510 is one of the most used printhead in digital inkjet printers . Hundreds of thousands of solvent printers are made with classic Seiko SPT510 printhead, it just can’t be wrong.


sk-3278s&3208s Classic Seiko SPT510 Printhead

Classic Seiko SPT510 Printhead

Fully equipped with 510 active nozzles for high-resolution (720dpi) and high-speed (35 pl) printing and steel-plate protection for a longer life, this durable printhead lasts 4-5 times longer than many common128 printheads.

km-512i Separate Ink Purge System

Separate Ink Purge System

It allows user to purge each color separately, or flush each printhead with cleaning liquid. Cleaning printhead becomes very easy.

km-512i Advanced Media Handling

Advanced Media Handling

To suit the high print speed, we made the media handling super smooth and stable. Also, the media take up is strong enough to load heavy rolls around 120KG.

km-512i Solvent Printhead Capping

Solvent Printhead Capping

The additional capping system effectively prevent the printhead from clogging when is the printer is idle.

km-512i Integrated Tri-Heater System

Integrated Tri-Heater System

The tri-heaters are integrated with one heat controller. It simplified the user operation.

km-512i Infrared Heating Unit and Cooling Fan come Standard

Infrared Heating Unit and Cooling Fan come Standard

Normal cooling device is no longer enough, to suit the ultimate speed of KM-512i, infrared heating unit has been added as a standard device, thus the prints drys quickly enough before rolling up even at the fast print mode.

SK-3278s / SK-3208s quality-parts

See What’s Inside a Seiko Series Solvent Printer

KM-512i is defined to be a outstanding heavy-duty solvent printer, thus it has to be made with the best parts, from bearings to motors, and all the other parts which may affect the performance and reliability.


SK-3278S / SK-3208S-gallery-1

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SK-3278S / SK-3208S-Application-1

SK-3278S / SK-3208S-Application-2

SK-3278S / SK-3208S-Application-3

SK-3278S / SK-3208S-Application-4

SK-3278S / SK-3208S-Application-5

SK-3278S / SK-3208S-Application-6


Model NO. SK-3278s SK-3208S
Printhead Type SPT510-50PL SPT510-35PL
Number 8 Heads / 4 Heads
Height 2 to 6 mm Above Media Adjustable
Print Width Max 3200mm
Media Width 3300mm
Type Vinyl, Flex, Polyester, Back-lit Film, Window Film …
Ink Type Solvent Ink / Mild Solvent Ink
Color C M Y K
Capacity 1L or 5L per Main Tank of Each Color
Supply System Low Ink Detector, Auto or Manual Ink Supply System
Speed Draft 157 sqm/h (2pass 360×360 dpi) 101 sqm/h (2pass 360×360 dpi)
Standard 109 sqm/h (3pass 240×720 dpi) 76 sqm/h (2pass 240×720 dpi)
Quality 70 sqm/h (4pass 360×1080 dpi) 34 sqm/h (2pass 360×1080 dpi)
Photo 46 sqm/h (4pass 720×720 dpi) 26 sqm/h (2pass 720×720 dpi)
Auto Media Feeding System Equipped (max media weight 80kg)
Auto Cleaning System Individual Positive Pressure Cleaning Anti-clogged Flash Function & Capping System
Heating & Drying System Equipped 5 Way Intelligent Heater
Clamp Equipped
Environment Temperature: 20-28°C, Humidity: 40-60%
Rip Software PhotoPrint, Maintop, UltraPrint, Topaz, Wasatch, Caldera
Interface USB 2.0
Power AC 220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Size & Weight Machine L4600mm W820mm H1320mm / 482KG
Packing L4650mm W970mm H1600mm / 770KG

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