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Eco Solvent Printer 126-inch / 3.2 meter Flagship Model Storm SJ-1260C

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  • SJ-1260C
  • SinoColor
  • 3.2 m
  • Epson Dx8
  • C M Y K
  • 60 sqm/h MAX
  • 1440 dpi MAX

Product Description



Meet the new SJ-1260C large-format digital printer. With dual staggered print heads and a rigid new industrial design, productivity and quality are built in. So are big-time savings. The SJ-1260C runs with new SinoColor ink that costs up to 35% less than the competition. The result? High-volume, low-maintenance printing and bold, exciting colors with higher profit margins.

HD Video to show installation of SJ-1260C & SJ-740C



Epson DX8 Printhead        

To ensure rich, consistent color at high speed, the SJ-1260C features a doubled CMYK output, dual print head that delivers rich, vibrant, consistent colors throughout bi-directional printing.

SJ-1260C High Precision Platform            

High Precision Platform        

The platform matters a lot to a large format printer. With SinoColor high precision aluminium platform, the stable and consistant print quality are thus guaranteed.

SJ-1260C Multi-functional Control Panel            

Multi-functional Control Panel        

You can easily achieve many functions through the control panel, such as cleaning, moving carriage,setting the starting point etc. without having to click on the PC.

SJ-1260C 1 Year or longer Warranty            

1 Year or longer Warranty        

The standard warranty period all over China market is 1 year. However, SinoColor would like to offer extra warranty period in some conditions. Contact our sales person to know more.

sj-1260墨水连供系统 800x533            

Standard Bulk Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS)        

CISS is one of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of printing with inkjet printers. It’s very beneficial for those who print frequently and in large quantities, instant printing of digital media, printing photos, posters and other promotional

· High stability of print quality by stable ink pressure

· Increased printer performance

· Reduction in printing costs by 30-50%

· Continuous printing of large print jobs without the risk of stopping to replace an empty ink cartridge
















Model NO. SJ-740C SJ-1260C
Printhead 2 x Epson Dx8
Resolution(dpi) 1440dpi max
Media Width 1.8 meter 3.2 meter
Types Flex Banner, Vinyl, One Way Vision, Banner Cloth, Window Film, Mesh…
Speed 3 Pass 54sqm/h / 27sqm/h 60sqm/h / 30sqm/h
4 Pass 40sqm/h / 20sqm/h 40sqm/h / 20sqm/h
6 Pass 26sqm/h / 13sqm/h 20sqm/h / 15sqm/h
Ink Color CMYK / CMYKLcLm
Ink Type Eco Solvent Ink
Ink Droplet 1.5-21pl variable
Cleaning Automatic Cleaning, Anti-Clogging Flash Function & Capping System
Feed & Take Up Automatic Media Feeding & Take Up System
Environment Temperature: 20-28°C, Humidity: 40-60%
Rip Software UltraPrint/PhotoPrint
Interface USB2.0
Power Machine 50/60HZ, 110/220V,2000W
Size Machine L3100mm W780mm H1500mm L4480mm W780mm H1500mm
Packing L3200mm W880mm H1000mm L4560mm W880mm H1000mm
Weight Machine 280 KG 420 KG
Packing 350 KG 500 KG

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