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5 Meters Large Format Rubber Roll to Roll UV Printer RUV-5000

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  • RUV-5000
  • SinoColor
  • 5 meters
  • Ricoh GEN5
  • C M Y K LC LM White
  • Up to 80 square meters
  • 1200dpi maximum

Product Description

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5 Meters Large Format Rubber Roll to Roll UV Printer RUV-5000


· Function Configuration Feature

Our machine uses LED cold temperature curing technology in line the trend of environmental protection, which have the longer service life and lower energy consumperature curing technology enables customers can print more materialtypes,and to meet more needs of customers;

Our machine uses industrial design, which make body solidly and have longer service life. Use roller covered by rubber make print media transfer more stable.

Our machine is equipped with 6 colors, have wider color gamut, the details of the transition will be more delicate. You can choose gray print head which has double resolution print mode:24PL/12PL to meet more customer demands.

· Multifunctional

Super strong vacuum adsorption system,7 pcs suction platform can be firmly adsorbed on the printing platform, which is particularly applied for materials which are easily deformed by heat.

· Wide Application

UV curable ink is printed directly on a variety of materials, and has environmentally friendly features, so it can completely replace the traditional outdoor advertising printing and indoor printing machine. Can use widely in the field of indoor decoration, such as wallpaper, public display board and so on.

Printhead Dislocation Arrangement, the Maximun Can Support 9 pcs Printhead



· UV Ink

printhead Ricoh GEN5
Package 1000ml
Color C M Y K Lc Lm + W
  1. Odorless and environmental-friendly;

  2. Led UV curing;

  3. High weather-resistant and strong color fantness on media;

  4. High precision, wide color gamut, high density.


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Model RUV-5000
Print Head type Ricoh GEN5
Control Variable Ink Droplet
Arrangement Two Line Print Heads 2x3 / Three Line Print Heads 3x3
Number 4/5/6/7/8/9
Cleaning Manual Positive and Negative Pressure Cleaning Divice
RIP Sofeware ONYX / PhotoPrint
Ink Type UV Ink
Color C M Y K Lc Lm W
Capacity 1L
Media Type Mantle, Car Stick, Flex etc.
Max Printing width 5000mm
Transmission Motor High Resolution Rubber Covered Roller Transfer System
Drying System LED UV Light
Printing Speed Two Line Print Heads

4 Pass(720x600): 55m2/h

6 Pass(720x900): 36m2/h

8 Pass(720x1200): 25m2/h

Three Line Print Heads

4 Pass(720x600): 80m2/h

6 Pass(720x900): 54m2/h

8 Pass(720x1200): 36m2/h

Transmission System USB
Power Supply AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 6Kw
Environment Temperature 18℃ ~ 29℃
Humidity 50% - 80%
Dimension(W*D*H) 5690mm * 915mm * 1720mm
Weight 1850KG

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